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Managing your most vulnerable patient’s continuum of care


An integrated care approach to manage patients through interventions and communications, which includes automated patient monitoring, pharmacist coordinated treatment, and patient education. MTM programs are designed to manage COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Risk Patients, and monitor compliance. This best in class solution can help you improve patient’s quality of life while reducing health care costs and preventing or minimizing the effects of a disease. Mevesi’s Population Management ensures your pharmacy is proactively taking care your most vulnerable patients.


Proactively use your pharmacy data to manage patient compliance based on your business model—i.e., by disease, payer, and/or physician. With Mevesi, you’re able to identify at risk patients and make logical decisions regarding your patient’s care. Powerful analytics can drive patients towards improvement in care.


The Pharmacy Edge solution enhances patient engagement by providing the pharmacist with integrated capabilities to email, text and use the Mevesi secure messaging where patients, pharmacist and other providers can collaborate to enhance patient care. Also, when needed are On Demand and Automated messaging and patient can choose their preferred method of communication. You will be able to evaluate how effective you are communicating information to the patient, and change direction accordingly.


With the Pharmacy Edge solution, provide access to physicians to a robust portal which provides them and their staff with Mevesi Secure Messaging which pharmacists and physicians can engage with one another to ensure medication compliance, updates on Prescription dispensing status, clinical assessment status and prior authorization status.


We are currently integrated with over 25 technology partners, Mevesi uses the pharmacy data you already have and displays it in an organized manner for easier readability and understanding. For a full list of our technology partners, please visit Partners


    Chronic Disease Management integrated with disease, quality of life and drug education content, videos, and transcripts.  

    Simplifies continuum of Care with patient web and mobile applications integrated with Physician portal.

    Tools for performing clinical interventions and medication reviews Adherence monitoring through Non-compliance, Synchronization, and expired Rx reports A branded Mobile Application that allows your patients to take control of their healthcare by making refill requests, creating patient profiles, and choosing to receive dose alerts.


    No complex hardware or software needed at pharmacy Increase revenues using adherence tools to increase patient compliance

    Improved care for your patients with intervention and synchronization programs

    New revenue generating opportunities with CMRs and clinical assessments

    Reduction in costs due to maximized productivity